Our Flexitank Advantages

Eliminate cost of Bulkheads 15% more payload than IBC's Extra low positioning costs No need for intermediate bulk storage No return loads needed
Less time for fitting  44% more payload than drums Door to door delivery Clean and environment friendly, recyclable Maximized payload due to lightweight
Lower labor cost for fitting 50% more payload than bottles Faster loading compared to drums and IBC's Available in remote areas No delays due to obtaining bulk tanks because of the imbalance of global freight traffic
Eliminate problems with container damages Low labor for handling,fitting & loading Lower product loss for unloading No risk of contamination Many variation of sizes
Higher percentage of containers that can be used No cleaning cost  No need forklift to load or unload container No demurrage on flexitank only on container Some types of flexitank can be used in 40 ft containers


Tankindo Flexitank Specifications

1. Outer PP

Weight 180g/m2
Coating 25g/m2
Colour White
Tensile Strength 1400N/5cm
Tensile Strength(W) 1410N/5cm


2. Inner PE

Thickness 125micron/layer
Elongation @ break 600 % (MD) & 600 %(TD)


3. Butterfly Valve

Size 2'Inch / 3'Inch
Materials PP
Temperature -20 C tp 70 C
Safe guard 3 protections
Certifications FDA/ISO22000


Flexitank Accessories

1. Frame Bulk Head (can substitute the steel bars)

2. PP Hollow Sheet ( can substitute the cardboard)

3. Heating Pad


Flexitank Loading Types

1. Top Loading & Discharging

2. Bottom Loading & Discharging

3. Top Loading & Bottom Discharging


Tankindo's Flexitank Applications

Food Liquid                                                                

Water Wine Milk
Sugar Syrup Corn Oil Malt Extract
Sauces Palm Oil Dark Soy Sauce
Vegetable Oil Fish Oil  
Olive Oil Sorbierite  


 Non-hazardous Industrials & Chemicals          

Glycol Mineral Oils Glycerin
Detergents Tallow oil fatty acid Emulsions
Adhesive Glue Hair shampoos
Water based plants Base Oils Lanolin & Optical Brightener


Tankindo Flexitank Varieties

E-Flex Easy Flexitank 

Technical Info

Volume : 16,000 to 24,000 lt

Dimensions : 3050 x 13200 mm

Valve : PP 2" or 3' UM

All Materials Are Food Grade

C- Flex Conventional Flexitank

Technical Info

Volume : 16,000 to 24,000 lt

Dimensions : 2900 - 6400 mm.

Filling & Discharge : BOTTOM & PE BONNET 2 ply PE liquid film + PP fabric outer

Valve : PP 2" or 3" UM

I - Flex Storage Flexitank

Technical Info

Volume : 10,000 to 75,000 lt

Filling & Discharge : PP 2" or 3" Valve 2 Ply PE Liquid Film + PP Fabric Outer UV resistant

All Materials Are Food Grade

(Ideal for the temporary or long term storage of liquids at a low cost e.g emergency drinking,irrigation or water demand)

K - Flex 1000 Litre Flexitank

Technical Info

Volume : 1,000 lt

Filling & Discharge : Top filling & Discharge

Dimensions : 1050 *1050 * 970 (without 2 Ply LE Liquid FIlm + PP Fabric Outer

All Materials Are Food Grade

L- Flex Large Flexitank

Technical Info

Volume : 16,000 lt to 24,000 lt

Dimensions : 3050 x 13200 mm.

Valve : PP"2 or 3" UM 

All Materials Are Food Grade

R- Flex Reefer Flexitank

Technical Info

Volume : 16,000 to 24,000 lt

Dimensions : 3050 x 13200 mm

Valve : PP 2" or 3" UMAII

All Materials Are Food Grade

(Specifically designed fo the 40ft refreigerated containers but can also be used in standard 40 ft containers)











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